Jan 09

OA Unity Day The WE of the Program, learning from each other

OA Unity Day The WE of the Program learning from each other.Saturday, February 25th, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM  Hillcrest Hospital.  This day recognizes the strength of the fellowship worldwide. Join us in the “WE” of the program as “WE” trudge the road of happy destiny.  See Flyer on Local Events page

Dec 15

Seventh Tradition Automatic Recurring Contributions Program

This program is an easy, safe way to make Seventh Tradition contribution directly to the World Service office. (WSO)  Link  http://oacleveland.org/?attachment_id=2899  Link is o Newsletter page also.

Nov 15

Carry the Message Workshop is now posted online for download

The Carry the Message workshop is now posted online and is available for download. Please share the news of this new resource with members, groups, and service bodies.

See the bottom of the Newsletter page for the links.

New! Carry the Message workshop

“… for this I am responsible.” Use this Carry the Message workshop, introduced and tested at the 2016 WSBC, to practice how and when to share OA program information. Click here to download the workshop, which includes a Things to Consider worksheet, a PowerPoint guide, and more than three dozen practice scenarios and situations.


Find it online at What’s New https://oa.org/whats-new/


Here are the direct links:





Nov 14

New! From Slip or Relapse to Recovery three part action plan

New! From Slip or Relapse to Recovery

Use the three-part action plan laid out in the new From Slip or Relapse to Recovery to reclaim abstinence. Take an inventory, develop a plan, and renew your commitment to your OA program—commit to the most loving thing you can do right now for yourself, your abstinence, and your recovery.

Find it online at What’s New (https://oa.org/whats-new/) or at oa.org/documents. Click on “Twelfth Step Within.”

Here is the direct link: https://oa.org/files/pdf/From-Slip-or-Relapse-to-Recovery.pdf.

Nov 01

Mens’ Google Group and Phone Meeting

See the Outside Happenings Page for a Men’s google Group and phone meeting.

Oct 16

Podcasts on oa.org

See the link for oa.org podcasts  on the Newsletter page or copy this link to your browser.  https://oa.org/podcasts/

Sep 19

Second Call for Service We need your story!

OA is developing a new publication and wants to hear your experience, strength,
and hope on the topics of body image, sexuality, and relationships. Help others
by sharing how maintaining abstinence, using the Twelve Steps, and relying on a
Higher Power has meant a life free from shame and isolation and one full of beauty,
love, and self-acceptance. Email your story to info@oa.org with the subject line “Body Image”  See Newsletter page for the flyer.

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