Service needs

Are you looking for service opportunities beyond your home group? We need you!  For more information, email Region  or call 1-800-511-9610

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•  Have custody of al lthe funds and securities belonging to CCI and deposit the same in the name of
Cleveland Central Intergroup in a bank or banks as the Treasurer ,at choose with the consent of the Board
•  Provide for the annual audit
•  Sign all checks and orders for payment of money (which shall be countersigned by another CCI officer
•  Establish and at all times, maintain a modern and efficient system of bookkeeping and accounting
•  Present financial statements at CCI meetings
•  Deliver on the expiration of his/her term of office, all money and other property to his/her successor or the
•  Monthly pay all CCI expenses (phone, rent, salaries, etc), balance checkbook, and submit a treasurers report
at the CCI meeting
•  Send a quarterly donation to Region 5 and World Service Office as possible and file taxes.
•  Annually: File tax report (W-2) and submit annual report at end of the fiscal year
•  Serve of the Executive Board

Region 5 / World Service Delegates

•  Give service to and support of OA as a whole

•  Be familiar with the AA Services Manual and the Twelve Concepts of World Service

•  Attend Executive Board and CCI meetings with voting privileges

•  Represent CCI at Region 5 Assemblies and Annual World Service Business Conference

•  Prepare for all assemblies and conferences by reviewing World Service bylaws and all materials
provided specifically for each conference or assembly

•  Submit to CCI written and oral reports of all official activities

•  Correspond with World Service and Region 5 as necessary

•  Submit in writing an itemized summary of reimbursable expenses within one month after
completion of each Region 5 or World Service Business trip

Ongoing needs/opportunities

All committees: Need members for all committees – Many hands make light work!

Twelfth Step Within:

  • Sponsors and Leads to serve outside their home meetings –
    For more information, email  or call 1-800-511-9610