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12th Step Within/Group Outreach

The Public Information and Professional Outreach committees are combining efforts with the Twelfth Step Within Committee with the goal to meet our primary purpose to share the message to the person who still suffers and to let people know there is a solution.

As we spread the message of overeaters anonymous, our hope is that individual meetings are strong and function effectively in order for people to keep coming back.

Please consider doing a group inventory at your OA meeting using the 13 questions attached. Groups may also add questions of their own.

These questions will help evaluate how well the group is fulfilling their primary purpose: to help overeaters recover through the twelve steps. This will be an honest and fearless discussion of the group’s weaknesses and strengths.

Listed below are some contact names to reach for the any of the following reasons:

If after doing the inventory, you find that your group is in need of some help or guidance.

If you do not have a group representative. We are encouraging each group to have a CCI representative.

If your meeting delineates a type of format. With the focus on strengthening meetings, we would like to
invite you to add what type of meeting format your group uses and we will list that information under
the topics on the meeting list.   See Merger letter.  See Group Inventory sheet.


Shana   330-310-8170

Kelly      216-513-6593

Marlene 740-507-7822  jones.marlene42@yahoo.

Committee Purpose

  • Maintains the CCI speaker’s list and tape library
  • Ensures that meeting contacts and information are current
  • Offers assistance to new or struggling meetings
  • Initiates personal contact with groups, especially those not participating in CCI
  • Orients new CCI Intergroup Representatives



  • Maintains the speaker’s list and tape library, and makes them available to individual groups and meetings
  • Solicits members for the speaker’s list
  • Is a resource to new or struggling meetings
  • Maintains the new Intergroup Representative binders
  • Provides orientation to new CCI Intergroup Representatives
  • Maintains database of meeting contacts, group secretaries, and Intergroup Representative