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2017 4th Quarter CCI Review
2017 3rd Quarter CCI Review

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OA Strong Abstinence Checklist                                                                     2016 3rd Quarter CC! Review

Letter regarding OA use of AA Literature                                                        2016 4th Quarter CCI Review
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“Is food a problem for you?” tear off sheet
Non OA approved literature use in OA meetings
OA Approved Literature List

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Lifeline Weekly 6-35
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Lifeline Weekly 6-01Freedom From Bondage Region 5 Sept. 2015
A Step Ahead 2nd Qtr. 2015
A Step Ahead 3rd Qtr. 2015
Transformation Feb. 2015
A Step Ahead 1st Qtr. 2017
New! Carry the Message workshop“… for this I am responsible.” Use this Carry the Message workshop, introduced and tested at the 2016 WSBC, to practice how and when to share OA program information. Click here to download the workshop, which includes a Things to Consider worksheet, a PowerPoint guide, and more than three dozen practice scenarios and situations.
Find it online at What’s New
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